West Palm Beach, Florida

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 02:43:03 -0500
From: Phylo20001@aol.com

<< Dear fellow Americans: This email will be going out individually to all members of AOL and the Internets World Wide. My name is Phyllis Ann Good, and I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. Please contact me if you are interested in helping to organize a ' representative group for CITIZENS AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY in your community. I am a mother of 3 children and female victim of brutal hogtying and torture by the Palm Beach County {Florida} Sheriff's Office in 1993. The circumstances which brought this horrific abuse of political and police power about were so politcally sinister and occured in a corrupted and secret family court domestic matter IN RE: my minor son Orion Fanjul vs. the politically powerful/wealthy and influential Fanjul Family Trust and Tax matters. Due to this abuse of power and brutality by those in authority I am permanently maimed with nerve damage to my neck and CNS, chronic CTS, 2 ruptured discs and severe pinched nerve problems down my legs to ankle.

If do not know or are not familiar with the wealthy Florida Cuban Fanjul Sugar family call FLO-SUN, INC @ (561) 655-6303 to request a copy of the government sudsidized anual financial corporate report. (Est. wealth of Fanjul Family by Forbes Mag. is $500,000,000.000). As legal custodial guardian and mother to Orion Fanjul I was falsely incarcerated on trumped up charges in the Palm Beach County Courthouse, in the state of Florida. This was accomplished by Alexander Fanjul executive vice president of FLO-SUN, INC in collusion w/ a few dirty robes (judges) and was intended to be a message to me to demonstrate "who's in control of the political State POWERS THAT BE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA AND WASHINGTON, DC.

On April 14, 1993 I was criminally prosecuted in a 5 minute hearing and sent directly to the Palm Beach County Stockade for 3 days without bail.The only persons in the courtroom were me, Judge John L Phillips and his Bailiff.

I was called by the trust attorney the day before and told the judge was going to hear a motion to disburse $650.00 to pay the rent on my son's home. This was a ruse to get me into the courtroom and within 15 minutes and without representation I was charged w/ DIRECT CRIMINAL CONTEMPT AND ORDERED TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE STOCKADE ON THIS JUDGES ORDERS. While being held on the trumped up charges I was put into isolation and hogtied and tortured for several hours. Not with standing the fact that 'hogtying and torture' are in direct violation of Amnesty International, Federal Civil Rights etc. etc.!

It was also one hell of a job getting the attentions etc of the proper authorities (Department of Justice CRIMINAL CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISIONS) to internally investigate the criminal circumstances surrounding the false imprisonment and hogtying torture. And of course, the FANJUL'S had all files SEALED from public record. I was told by my public defender after another trumped up felony charge of battery on an officer were dropped the day of the trial (as I would not cop a plea) against me that 'hogtying and torture' is quite commonplace for other inmates in the stockade. The 2nd charge of 'Battery on an Officer' were filed while I was already in the stockade to cover up and justify the hogtying and torture at the hands of the depuites on that night shift. I might add that the stockade is predominately filled African American inmates, too!!. I am a White AMERICAN CITIZEN and a woman.

Here is information I have gathered about the French/SWISS Group organized to help prevent police brutality against citizens in the future.

We have web cites on the internet to teach and expose the widespread problem and all too prevalent 'police brutality' either in your state, nationwide and internationally. This is a 'peaceful revolution to RAISE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS about the inhumane and brutal suffering of those who have no voice, remedy or recourse to justice'!

You can find out more about the International Day Against Police Brutality at the web site: http:// www.mygale.org/06/zebwis/cops.htm and www.cs.cmu.edu/~pshell/gamamge

Subject: Int'l Day Against Police Brutality "Le Drapeau Noir or Citizens Against Police Brutality" Hi! The Swiss group "Le Drapeau Noir" has initiated a world-wide International Day Against Police Brutality. We at COBP (french acronym for Citizens Against Police Brutality) have decided it is necessary to embark in this project. The date has not yet been set but would be sometime in the spring. Of course the date wouldn't be rigid but it might be more effective if groups would plan their event around the same time, same week or same month. There are many events groups can organize; demos, public assemblies, workshops, etc. Your imagination is the key.

We would like to hear from you because we're keeping in contact with "Le Drapeau Noir" regarding this project. If you know of other groups in your city, state, province, country, or elsewhere in the world that would be interested in an International Day Against Police Brutality please forward them this message.

Police brutality is an international problem, let's organize an int'l community in order to fight these abuses.

We can receive answers in english, french, spanish, german, and portuguese.

An injustice to one is an injustice to all! It is high time to ACT!

Please address e-mail to Caroline or Dee. Web: www.cs.cmu.edu/~pshell or reply to: Phyllis Good ak a Phylo20001@aol.com for more information I am setting up a South Florida Headquaters and can be reached at: (561) 640 - 4233