Brutality in Montreal, Canada

Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 22:21:29 -0500
From: (David Kavanaght)
Subject: Richard Barnabe

On the night of December 14, 1993, Richard Barnabe, a taxi driver, was beaten into a coma. Two and a half years later, on May 2, 1996, he died in the hospital. The sister of Barnabe has always stated that the day he was beaten into a coma, was the day he died.

What happened on December 14, 1993? Richard Barnabe was distraught that evening and he wanted to speak to someone. He arrived at a church and when no one answered, he broke a window of the church. The neighbours telephoned the pigs. When they arrived he took off in his car driving just up to his brother's door. (A very important fact that should be noted here is that Richard Barnabe's brother is in fact one of those men in blue).The pigs chased him to his brother's home. In front of his brother's home he was savagely beaten, there was a 3 square foot area drenched in blood. This of course wasn't enough, so they brought him into the police station in order to finish the job. There the beatings continued. After 15 min. of brutalization, someone at the police station called an ambulance. When the ambulance driver arrived Barnabe was still conscience and yelling. The ambulance driver said to the police that either he was a drug addict or a crazy man. So he went to call a doctor. During the next 17 min. the 6 pigs in the cell with Barnabe stripped him and continued beating him until he finally died because his heart couldn't take the torture anymore.


What happened to the pigs?

Piggie number 1 - Karl Anderson was not charged

Piggie number 2 - Manon Cadotte (a sow - read female officer) was aquitted Piggie number 3 - Pierre Bergeron - charged with assault, he received a sentence of 90 days in prison, weekends only. He has made an appeal.

Piggie number 4 - Andre Lapointe - charged with assault, he received a sentence of 60 days in prison, weekends only. He has made an appeal.

Piggie number 5 - Louis Samson - charged with assault, he received a sentence of 90 days in prison, weekends only. He has made an appeal.

Piggie number 6 - Michel Vadeboncoeur (his surname means "go with heart" in french!!!) charged with assault, he received a sentence of 180 hours of community work, either in a youth centre or a hospital. He has made an appeal.

The only reason the state acknowledged the fact that "the police didn't conduct themselves as they should have" is because the brother of Richard Barnabe is a cop himself.

We at COBP (french acronym for Citizens Against Police Brutality) placed a citizens' charge against Karl Anderson for assaulting Barnabe. The judge who dished out the so-called sentences to the four pigs that got charged with assault had stated in court (it is written in the transcript) that there was enough evidence to charge Karl Anderson. However the judge that reviewed our citizens' charge against Karl Anderson rejected it.

Another fact - the two prosecuting attorneys that were appointed to the case said after the preliminary hearing that they thought the "police officers had suffered enough". After this went public, the two prosecuting attorneys had a little meeting with the Minister of Justice, who was upset about their biases becoming public these attorneys resigned and were replaced.

Barnabe's family received $215,000 in order to keep silent on this issue. The police force had something to hide.

Something to note - Murderous pigs, aka KKKops, in Montreal are either not charged for their heinous crimes, or the slap on the wrists charges they do receive get overturned later in the appeals court. We have been studying cases of the last ten years and this is has been the rule. This will most likely be the case with the four pigs charged in the Richard Barnabe case.