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I am a computer musician and serve on the boards of...

Wisdom Technologies Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA
USA, Earth
and the...
Pittsburgh Thomas Merton Center
Tel: +1 (412) 422-7435
e-mail: my user name is pshell and you can send it to my account.

I have a new nephew Kieran!

Sun Crumbs is a happening poetry happening. The Latin American art web site Artasma, is all the rage.

I had a great time at Bumbershoot!

I have a new house , and created a kitchen tile pattern, and the interior designs.

Jonny Gammage and Police Brutality page

Jean LaFlore, girlfriend
of Jonny Gammage

My favorite Pittsburgh-based bands are the "Primal, aggressive, acoustic, body-moving music..." and A.T.S.
Some other cool bands on the Web are The Dead , King Crimson , and the Violent Femmes.

For a good punch line, click here.
Save WQEX!
The Campaign for New Priorities on Military Spending.
The San Jose Mercury News story on the CIA's selling of cocaine to Los Angeles gangs.

Have you seen the Salvador Dali museum web site?
Hot off the press! Peace Jam and the --> Social Justice E-Zine.
Check out some ridiculous poetry and more ridiculous poetry that some friends of mine and I wrote. Then there's the one for Jonny Gammage. Or read Cruzio

I'm a Vegetarian! and support Women Leaders Online.

Here's some CISPES update to find about what's going on in El Salvador, or check out the Cuba Solidarity Movement. Learn about the Mumia Abu-Jamal case, or look at the Mumia Abu-Jamal CD-ROM.
I'm a member of CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility).
Check out the University Conversion Project, the Council for a Livable World or the Prison Awareness Project.

Click here for green vegetarian food in the 'Burgh or for Indian Restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Check out the Spam Blacklist.

This is a list of useful CMU web pages.

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