Spontaneous collaborative stream-of-thought composed by Debbie and Mark Liebermann and Pete Shell, 1994

Crackle smack kumstain... there is no need to
create new words as the incense Trails commemorating
another meeting. Why meet? Will the juncture ever be greater than its
parts? Will the Pakistani pants on the worry-people glued to her cup she
got for 25 cents after 200 dollars fell out of her pocket. Why meat when
there are tofu-burgers? What do worry dolls worry about?

Lost thoughts hide under the bed & fall through cracks in time ~~
Beds with frames are great documenters...

Sometimes worried thoughts are caught falling down on home-made
scrunched-up blended-up flower paper. Put kindness warmly into your
words flying across the room onto needful shelter ears. Goals and power
hierarchies break the calmness of serene incense beds.

Caught falling down ~ down-power -
Power power hungry hands caught ~ caught
Caught falling down ~ dead.

Down, baby, knock yourself down against the upstream thought, fall baby
fall. It's a hands-down fall this winter.

bloody footprints in the snow means life.

Marking the blissful days of our daze
upon the bison prints on the matador screams, seems
like tears, says the snow-leopard!

Leopard leaps into the arms
of the armadillo ~ together they dance through the snowy Alaskan trails ~
Then wail at the new moon ~

As they snow-sail over the glazy toboggan trail, serenaded by the husky
blue-eyed bears, as they sing their Eskimo songs, as they pass thru the
moonlit woods,

Traveling to their day & evening dens over and over rolling down snow capped mts. To find their hunted, being hunted - - -

Being shunted, being flunted, as they grunted
down their chow, it's the ``me'' in the ``wow'', the ``what'' in the now.

The upside down mom teaching her children
To build prisons the for keys they hold.

I was thinking about thinking about that.
It's all flowing, it all fled.
Where are those lost thoughts? Maybe it's under the bed.
Is this the epilogue?

The wicked witch is...
... wandering through the narrow halls
of our minds ... which is where we want to be lost.