Spontaneous collaborative stream-of-thought composed by Pete Shell, Cedilla and Mark Liebermann (R.I.P.) sitting at Arabica Cafe one evening...


who say dat, flat jack
who's filleting the day in jetpack?
is it who's looking down from lens of Twin eye holes or not Kafka?
huffy Cough puff ball of metaphysical ties.

Tenzanean meta-galactic, gargle-blasting
funka-iso-gaggle blibbers sipp-sipp
sippers iso FAT listo high kite spice-like
hype rapso last off what's over there?

from the sky is my, high
heel itsy bitty, heal high ooby doddy
like a ruby from a cage,
raging from the hump backed diamond:
oooh- whale-high ho kingdom-Whale in the
synchro facto-micro-scopic-ducto-in-your-
why-is-it-a-kitten-for your sup-a bitten for you pup - a lipton for
the craaaaaaaazy house, mouse for your
dog-daddy fun ties.

Caribbean Maosy ipso lipso suctro-
cutioners suction plucto-gaggle blagging
saggo do do -- fax's square to the term of
linear altitude hype squirming seams slippo
to top of the tongue tooth like the gator drenched
to skipping bottling flower-stopping raison-baking
lolly-bopping pluto-takin sudo-loving space angeltime.

Isn't this suspicion talk of the town don't bring
up down
for a story of lovely less than forty filthy fitting bobbules popping
but awake, for Goody-poody-puddin-sake- for moi!*
formal fermentation goddin' puddin' lick' sickin' fixen
outracization simply stake a bit of ryne

hyped to flow, don't you know,
and mined to time serious o here I oh so mod like dope so rash & row.