Kieran Moulton Shell

Born June 5, 1997, 9:07 am
To Elizabeth Betsy Shell
Weight: Nine pounds, five ounces. 21 Inches tall
San Francisco, California

Baby pictures from before birth to 1 week

Kieran on the scale, just after being born. Getting his first bath. Napping.
With Mama Coco. With Aunt Katy. With Aunt Susan and Coco.
With Aunt Kristin. A small baby on a big bed. Smiling.

Baby pictures at 5 weeks

Riding in the car. With Uncle Pete. Betsy more back to normal.
A big bouncy baby.

At Lake Tahoe at the age of 9 months

On an Easter-egg hunt. With hat - my favorite from this batch. What a smile!.
Looking for a snack?. Kieran's first sled-ride. Brrr! It's cold! Mother and son.

Sam Campbell was born exactly a year before me.

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