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Borrow Rich's DVDs

Movies is a file (.pdf) that contains a list of all the DVDs in my personal collection. If you are interested in borrowing one for a week, drop me email. I'll bring it in to school and you can pick it up (and drop it back off) during my office hours.

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Freshman Survey: Spreadsheet (see the bottom lines for summaries)
Freshman Survey: Text

Note: names were elided (XXX) and the order of names was randomized.

Contacting Your Advisor (Rich Pattis)

IM Hours for the weeks of August 8 - ... (Pittsburgh is in the US Eastern time zone)

Most students have registered by now, and the last few evenings, no one contacted me online. So, I think I'm going to suspend my regular online hours. If you need to contact me, do so by email; I'll either answer your question or we can set up a chat time, if that is necessary. See you all soon.

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Contact me if you are having problems obtaining information from this web page.

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Registration Materials:

After you have read all these documents and completed all these forms online, send email to to notify me. I will review your forms, provide any necessary feedback, and ultimately remove the hold on your registration form, so that you can register.

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