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RE: AccuVote Server 1 - Happy Faces

Even though development is saying no changes are made to GEMS in this area, something in GEMS is different.  
Who in development told you that?  Upload and download have been rewritten since 1.11.   Did you not notice that in 1.11 they were two dialogs and in 1.14 they are one?   We even lost the catchers mitt, which I always kinda liked. 
Specifically, Fresno is no longer able to even upload two in a row on their modem boxes.  Looking for answers.   I have attached both the .dbf files (one in 1.11.2 and one in 1.14.8) 
Does it work with the standard modems in the other California accounts, or has no one tried modem upload since November?  I would be surprised if this were specific to the modem boxes.
I am going to review modem upload over the next few days.  I had some modem grief myself when going through Texas cert.