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RE: AccuVote Server 1 - Happy Faces

I am going to review modem upload over the next few days.  I had some modem grief myself when going through Texas cert. 
Okay, I have finished work on modem upload.  The changes will be in 1.14.11 and 1.15.5.  Making changes to the modem handling this late into election season is crazy.  Modem upload needs serious testing, but you knew that already.  I have spent an hour or so testing today on standard USR modems --I don't have a digi on my machine.
In addition to fixing Knecht's bug where only one AV could upload, the port behavior should now be improved somewhat.  You will no longer see the weird green->timeout->red->yellow transition you saw with GEMS 1.11.  The status messages have also changed slightly.  You will now see "Waiting For Call" for an idle modem instead of "Modem On Line".  Instead when there is an active connection that is waiting for a transfer, you will see "Modem On Line".  The port will be in this state after the transfer is complete until the AV is turned off (regional sites).  In other words you won't see the confusing "AccuVote On Line" for modem connections like in 1.11.  Finally you will see a new "Checking Port" state.  This appears briefly while GEMS is determining whether an AccuVote or Modem is connected to the port.
Bon Chance.