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Fw: AccuVote Server 1 - Happy Faces

The issue here is that I'm told we've made no changes to GEMS in this area, but here is what Mike and I did.
We created a small db in 1.11.2.
  •  created db
  • loaded memory 
  • uploaded memory card with the following lights
            Yelllow HF (Happy Face) Modem On-line
            Green HF   Connected
            Yellow HF  AccuVote On-line (AccuVote still connected
            Yellow HF  Modem Online (ended up here after cycling after AV turned off)
 This is the way it worked in 1.11.2. 
We then upgraded the DB to 1.14.8 and
  • Reset Election
  • downloaded new memory card
  • uploaded the memory card
The following message shows what the Server status and the differences of the server console.
Point:  the ONLY change is in GEMS.  Same modems, same memory card, same AccuVote, same phone line. 
Even though development is saying no changes are made to GEMS in this area, something in GEMS is different.
Question:  What Mike and I notice is differenct is the upload console, or that seems the major change.  Would the changes made to the upload console have any affect on the modem signal handling.
Specifically, Fresno is no longer able to even upload two in a row on their modem boxes.  Looking for answers.   I have attached both the .dbf files (one in 1.11.2 and one in 1.14.8) 
Yellow HF    Modem On-line
Green HF     Connected   Upload )
Yellow HF    AccuVote On-line (until AccuVote turned off)
Green HF    Connected
Green HF    Connected
-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Knecht <skglobal@earthlink.net>
To: bugtrack@gesn.com <bugtrack@gesn.com>
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2000 4:08 PM
Subject: AccuVote Server 1 - Happy Faces

It has taken an hour or so to get the following sequence, but here it is....
In Rev. 1.14.8 after an upload (starting clean with yellow smiley face and Modem On-line) the Server under the Port Tab goes thru the following sequence:
Yellow Modem Ready    (to start)
Green Connected  Upload (modem answers and data is uploaded)
Green Connected  (when Results sent OK, Turn unit off)
Red    Off-line  (some part of cycling)
Yellow AccuVote On-line (until AV is shutoff and CD is lost)
Green Connected (Stays until next call to modem)
                           goes to disconnected on next ring of phone....
Red     off-line        disconnected    (Briefly when next call hits modem)
Yellow AccuVote On-line (very fast blip)
Green  connected   upload (next data upload begins)
If you begin an upload with the Yellow happy face, and green is supposed to connote a connection and data loading, is this a bug that the system doesn't go back to yellow Modem ready, when the AccuVote is turned off and the next call comes in.  It still loads, but it is confusing most customers when the light stays green and says connected at pretty much all times. Maybe this is RCR, I don't know.

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