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Gaston, NC - Election

Hi All,

I forgot to mention the printing of the ballots.  Paper ballots will be printed for all of the Precincts - (Curbside voting), as well as - Absentees, Transfers, & Provisional.  Since the scanning of all of these ballots will be at a central location, which would be the best method of printing ballots: by Sequence - (only 1 style), or by Precinct.  If we do it by Sequence, we will have to manage all the memory cards at the central location when the ballots come in - (all totals must be seperated), but will not have to manage ballots.  If we do it by Precinct, we will have to manage ballots, but will only have 1 memory card programmed for all Precincts.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems