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Re: Gaston, NC - Election

>Hi All,
>I forgot to mention the printing of the ballots.  Paper ballots will be
printed for all of the Precincts - (Curbside voting), as well as -
Absentees, Transfers, & Provisional.  Since the scanning of all of these
ballots will be at a central location, which would be the best method of
printing ballots: by Sequence - (only 1 style), or by Precinct.  If we do it
by Sequence, we will have to manage all the memory cards at the central
location when the ballots come in - (all totals must be seperated), but will
not have to manage ballots.  If we do it by Precinct, we will have to manage
ballots, but will only have 1 memory card programmed for all Precincts.
>Jeff Hintz
>Global Election Systems


    If Transfers & Provisional ballot totals do not need to be reported by
source precinct (only cumulative totals) then here is how I would suggest
setting up the election:

    I would create the Absentee, Transfer and Provisional precincts as
regular precincts (since there is only one ballot style being used) and use
sequence numbers.  This will result in only one ballot being printed
(assuming no rotation) and they will be tallied based on what votecenter (ie
memory card) they are counted on.