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Gaston, NC - Election

Hi All,

I am setting up the Gaston, NC election information for both the Accu-Touch and the Accu-Vote.  I have a couple of questions on what would be the best way to set up the Report Precincts and the printing of the ballots within Gems.  They really have only 4 Report Precincts: Precinct #22 - Belmont #1, Precinct #23 - Belmont #2, Precinct #24 - Belmont #3, and Precinct #26 - South Point, but they also have 3 additionl precincts that they wish to report seperately: Precinct #46 - Absentee, Precinct #47 - Transfers, and Precinct #48 - Provisional.  Should I just set them all up as Report Precincts, (there is only 1 style ballot), or should these last 3 Precincts be set up as Cumulative Report Units??  If we set them up as Cumulative  Report Units, how will this affect the Accu-Touch voting for Absentee, (there will be a couple of Accu-Touch units set up for walk in Absentee voting)??  Any suggestions??  We need to get paper ballots printed by March 5, 1999.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems