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RE: Gaston, NC - Election

> not have to manage ballots.  If we do it by Precinct, we will
> have to manage ballots, but will only have 1 memory card
> programmed for all Precincts.

It really all depends on whether they sort their ballots by precinct when
they are received, and whether they need to report by precinct.  If they
need to report absentees by precinct, and the ballots are not sorted, then
you need to print precinct ids.  If the ballots are sorted and they still
need to report by precinct, they could use precinct header cards.

If they don't have to report absentees by precinct (which it sounds like),
then they can get away with sequence numbers as Tab suggests.  There is no
need to set up cumulative report precincts since there is only one ballot
syle to begin with.