Introduction, Search & Optimization (Geoff)

Date Topic Reading Homework
Tue. 9/11 Intro, Search Supplemental: RN Ch 1-2
Thu. 9/13 Search cont'd, Path planning, Randomized search RN Ch 3-4,
Supplemental: Reading on Anytime Dynamic A*
Tue. 9/18 Propositional logic, SAT RN Ch5, Ch 7
Supplemental: The Quest for Efficient Boolean Satisfiability Solvers. Lintao Zhang, Sharad Malik
Problem Set 1 Out
Tue. 9/18 Matlab Tutorial (5:00-6:00 1507NSH)  
Thu. 9/20 SAT+CSP cont'd, First-order logic RN Ch 8-9
Tue. 9/25 First-order logic cont'd, Planning RN Ch 11-12
Thu. 9/27 Optimization: Linear programs, Integer and Mixed-integer programs, Duality Boyd & Vandenberghe, Ch 2-4
Tue. 10/02 Optimization, Games Boyd & Vandenberghe, Ch 5,
Supplemental: V. Vazirani. Approximation Algorithms. Ch 12.
Thu. 10/04 Games RN Ch 6 Problem Set 1 Due 10/05 (Fri) 3:00, Problem Set 2 Out

Learning & Probabilistic Inference (Ziv)

Date Topic Reading Homework
Tue. 10/09 Probabilistic Reasoning and Inference RN Ch 13
Thu. 10/11 Learning and Inference in Bayesian Networks RN Ch 14
Tue. 10/16 Density Estimation RN Ch 14
Thu. 10/18 Inference in Hidden Markov Models RN Ch 15 (up to and including 15.3) Problem Set 2 Due, Problem Set 3 Out
Tue. 10/23 Learning Hidden Markov Models RN Ch 15  
Thu. 10/25 Decision Trees RN Ch 18
Tue. 10/30 Guest Lecture: Martial Hebert, Object Recognition  
Thu. 11/01 Natural Language Processing (not in midterm)   Problem Set 3 Due, Problem Set 4 Out
Mon. 11/05 Extra (optional) session
(5:00 4602WeH)
Tue. 11/06 Neural Nets RN 20.5
Thu. 11/08 Markov Decision Processes (MDPs), MDP Demo RN 17.1-17.4 Project Proposal Due
Mon. 11/12 Review session 1
(7:00-9:00 4625WeH)
Tue. 11/13 Reinforcement Learning Problem Set 4 Due
Tue. 11/13 Review session 2
(7:00-9:00 4625WeH)
Thu. 11/15 In Class Midterm  

Advanced AI Applications

Date Topic Reading Homework
Tue. 11/20 Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs) Supplemental: POMDPs for Dummies,
Planning and Acting in Partially Observable Stochastic Domains
Thu. 11/22 Thanksgiving -- No Class
Tue. 11/27 Computational Game Theory RN Ch 17.6-17.7
Supplemental: Osborne and Rubinstein (CMU only)
Problem Set 5 Out
Thu. 11/29 Guest Lecture: Christos Faloutsos, Graph Analysis Beyond Streams and Graphs: Dynamic Tensor Analysis,
Epidemic Spreading in Real Networks: An Eigenvalue Viewpoint
Tue. 12/04 Computational Biology Progress Report Due
Thu. 12/06 Computational Biology: Cell cycles Problem Set 5 Due 12/07 (Fri) 11:59am
Thu. 12/13 Poster session for projects (5:30-8:30 NSH atrium) Project report due