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The Carnegie Mellon Genetics Cognitive Tutor provides rich multi-step problems and provides whatever step-by-step help students need to complete each problem successfully.

The Tutor
- is easy to adopt
- requires no grading
- is easy for your students to use either as homework
or in class

Adopt the Genetics Cognitive Tutor to enhance student learning in your course!
In classroom evaluations, about an hour of
problem-solving with a tutor module yields
about a 2-letter grade improvement from
pretest to posttest.
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  • Pedigrees: Basic Analysis
  • Pedigrees: Carrier Probabilities
  • Transmission Probabilities: Two Traits
  • Gene Interaction and Epistasis
  • Gene Interaction: Pathway Modeling
  • Gene Mapping: Three Factor Cross
  • Gene Mapping: Tetrad Analysis
  • Gene Regulation: Modeling
  • Gene Regulation: Experimentation
  • Population Genetics: Equilibrium
  • Population Genetics: Departures

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