The Carnegie Mellon Genetics Cognitive Tutor
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  • The tutor lessons are compatible with any genetics course or introductory biology course.
  • The major topics are independent and can be used in any order.


  • The tutor can be adopted as homework assignments
    (no revisions in the classroom activity schedule are necessary).
  • It can be adopted for section-meeting or lab activities.
  • No correcting/grading is required – the tutor ensures that students complete each problem successfully.

Student Credit Based on Progress.

  • Genetics TutorShop progress reports enable you to readily assign credit based on the number of problems completed.
  • At any time you can view:
    - number of problems completed by each student
    - the date a lesson was completed by each student
    - the time spent in problem solving by each student
  • Only you (and your teaching assistants, if you wish) have access to the TutorShop reports for your class(es).

Designed to be Convenient for Students.

  • Students in your course register individually on this website
  • The tutor can be run in any browser running Flash.
  • Students can access the tutor 24 hours a day throughout the semester


  • You (and your teaching assistants) have access to the tutor lessons at no charge.
  • The GeneticsTutorShop allows you to monitor how challenging students find the problems.
    (View Student Report Information)
  • A library of paper-based quiz problems analogous to the tutor problems is available to instructors.

Adopting the Genetics Cognitive Tutor

  • Register your course on this website. Go to Registration!
  • We will contact you to discuss how to enroll your students.
  • Set a schedule for completing the tutor lessons.
  • We recommend assigning course points for completing each lesson.

     Our experience is that students will not use the tutor if it is completely optional.
     A couple lessons may be reserved for extra credit.


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