Garth Zeglin: Robotics Research

Compliant Manipulation

I have contributed to the design of several compliant manipulators working with Nancy Pollard and Matt Mason.

Dynamic Walking Bipeds

In my work with Christopher Atkeson I constructed two bipedal walking robots motivated by passive-dynamic principles.

From September to December of 2005 I worked with the TU Delft Biorobotics Laboratory in the Netherlands on the design of a new walking robot.

The 3D Bow Leg Hopper

The 3D Bow Log Hopper is an ongoing project to extend the 2D Bow Leg Hopper into a fully autonomous hopping robot. My contribution to the this work primarily took place while I was a Postdoctoral Fellow with Illah Nourbakhsh and the Toy Robots Initiative.

The BowGo

One spinoff of the work on the 2D Bow Leg is the development of the BOWGO (patent pending), a new kind of pogo stick that is a scaled-up, human-sized version of the Bow Leg. The prototypes have been primarily designed and tested by Ben Brown and Illah Nourbakhsh.

The Planar Bow Leg Hopper

For my doctoral thesis I worked on the Planar Bow Leg Hopper, a novel hopping robot with high efficiency and natural stability. I have available some pictures of the machine, papers, and my dissertation ([PDF, 3533K] [PS,8530K] [gzipped PS, 1938K]).


As an undergraduate at MIT I worked with Marc Raibert and David Barrett at the MIT Leg Lab to develop the Uniroo, a one legged kangaroo robot.

The MIT Leg Lab also has their own Uniroo page.

Garth Zeglin, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

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