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The Toy Robots Initiative aims to commercialize robotics technologies for human-robot collaboration in education, toys, entertainment and art.

Announcing the Take Me to Your Robot site, a new place for sharing robotics ideas, project and curricula with a diverse audience.

Announcing the Gigapan website, a new place for sharing, annotating and exploring very high resolution panoramic imagery.

Announcing the CMUcam3 processor, a new, completely open and programmable embedded computer vision camera and processor.

Announcing the Center for Innovative Robotics, which is committed to helping roboticists of all ilks be ever more innovative and creative in our community.

Announcing the Global Connection project.
Global Connection is close to releasing the very exciting Gigapan imager so that the public can create multi-billion pixel panoramas of their very own, and share them with all.

From MIT Press: Introduction to Mobile Robots
Our textbook on mobile robotics is in its second printing now. This book, authored by Roland Siegwart of EPFL and me, is available from the MIT Press. Click here for ordering information.

Announcing the Telepresence Robot Kit project (TeRK), which is our major dissemination follow-on to the successful Personal Rover Project. TeRK is an ambitious movement toward democratization of robotics.

Other websites focusing on Toy Robots Initiative projects include the Telepresence Robot Kit website (TeRK), the Personal Rover website; our CMUcam website where we describe a new low-cost vision sensor for hobby robots, and our BowGo website where we describe a new hopping technology, scaled up from our hopping robots to a human-sized, super-human hopping machine.

You can also visit the Palm Pilot Robot Kit website to build your own palm pilot robot with off-the-shelf parts.

insect telepresence project

insect telepresence project

Ever wondered what it's like to be an insect? Find out more about our exciting first project!

We operate out of the Mobile Robot Programming Laboratory in Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute.

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