Quick Fixes

The quick fixes can be accesses by clicking on an error marker warning marker. This opens a popup menu, which provides several fixes, as shown in the screenshot.

Euklas proposes different quick fixed for solvind the problem

The quick fixes, proposed by Euklas, use three different icons:

  1. Euklas icon for quick fixes that are related to functions and variables
  2. Euklas icon for quick fixes related to imports
  3. Euklas icon for ignoring certain errors (additional information can be found in the section on Ignore Errors).

Selecting a quick fix of the first category will copy additional code from the source file into your code to fix the error. Selecting a quick fix of the second category will show you how to fix this kind of errors manually. Selecting a ‘quick fix’ of the third category will ignore the error, but not fix it.

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