Installation of Euklas through Eclipse's Update Mechnism

Install new software

This is the preferred way of installing Euklas into your Eclipse installation. You have to do the following steps:

  1. Euklas depends on Eclipse 3.6.1 and Eclipse's JavaScript editor that has to be installed first.
  2. Select the Install New Software option from the Help menu.
  3. Add the following website as new update website in the opened dialog:
  4. Select the Euklas plugin in the category CMU JavaScript Editor Enhancements for installation.
  5. Done!

Don't forget to check the documentation to see how Euklas works. Please send your email address to for notifications about updates and to provide your feedback.


If you don't want to use Eclipse's update mechanism for installing Euklas in your IDE, you can download the latest
binary version on Euklas's Sourceforge website. Euklas's source code is also available for download on this website.
After downloading, you have to copy the ‘jar’ file into you Eclipse installation's ‘plugin’ folder and to restart Eclipse
afterwards. Eclipse activates and starts the plug-in automatically.