Copy & Paste

Euklas particularly supports you in integrating copied example code into your own code. You can use these features by copying JavaScript code from a Project in your Eclipse workspace into your target code. You can either use the copy & paste commands in the Edit menu or the keyboard shortcuts (command +c / command +v) for copying and pasting JavaScript code. However, if you want to use the JavaScript editor's context menu, you have to use the smart copy smart copy and smart paste smart paste commands because the current Euklas version does not support using the regular copy & paste commands in the context menu.

After pasting the code, Euklas will mark potential errors in the code, as described in the Error Highlighting section. In addition to the errors that were mentioned in that section (missing function declarations and missing variable definitions), Euklas detects one additional error for copied and pasted code: missing JavaScript file imports. This is interesting if your source uses multiple JavaScript files instead of one JavaScript file.

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