15-817 Graduate Verification Seminar : Automated Theorem Proving

Lecture Slides and Reading

Date Lecturer Lecture Slides and Additional Readings
13 5/2 Qinsi Wang
  • Z3: an Efficient SMT Solver [pptx]
  • Z3's Home Page [link]
12 4/25 Will Klieber
  • Vampire: a Resolution-Based Theorem Prover for First-Order Logic [pdf]
  • Vampire's Home Page [link]
11 4/18 Prof. Clarke
  • The Computable Reals: Why They Are Still Important Today!
10 4/4 Favonia
  • Curry-Howard Correspondence
9 3/21 Prof. Clarke
8 3/7 Prof. Harper
  • Dependent Types : Intensionality, Extensionality, Product Types, Sum Types, Type Equality
  • Martin Hofmann. Syntax and Semantics of Dependent Types [pdf]
7 2/29 Prof. Clarke
6 2/22 Prof. Harper
  • Dependent Types
  • Martin Hofmann. Syntax and Semantics of Dependent Types [pdf]
5 2/15 Andreas Gampe
4 2/8 Prof. Harper
  • Intuitionistic Logic
  • Jean-Yves Girard, Yves Lafont, Paul Taylor. Proofs and Types. [link]
  • J. Lambek, P. J. Scott. Introduction to Higher-Order Categorical Logic [link]
3 2/1 Prof. Clarke
  • Van Dalen [v]
  • Classical and Intuitionistic Tautologies [v]
2 1/25 Prof. Sutner
1 1/18 Prof. Clarke
  • Basics: Functional Programming
  • The Calculus of Constructions. Thierry Coquand and GĂ©rard Huet [pdf]
  • Coq in a Hurry. Yves Bertot [pdf]
  • Combining Symbolic Computation and Theorem Proving: Some Problems of Ramanujan. Edmund M. Clarke and Xudong Zhao [link]
  • Analytica -- An Experiment in Combining Theorem Proving and Symbolic Computation. Andrej Bauer, Edmund Clarke, and Xudong Zhao. [pdf]
  • Parthenon, a parallel theorem prover for non-horn clauses. Soumitra Bose, Edmund M. Clarke, David E. Long, Spiro Michaylov. [pdf]
  • How to use CoqIDE. Andrej Bauer [YouTube]
  • How to use Coq with Proof General [YouTube]