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David and I have some recent photos online. In particular, there are some photos from our more recent travels.

Books and Blog

I like to read! Pittsburgh has a pretty amazing library system. On the rare occasion that they don't have something, they can generally get it on an inter-library loan. I started a live journal in order to keep track of my reading. Unfortunately I am rather bad at updating it. I recently discovered the site List of Bests. There are a lot of book lists there, and you can tick off the ones you have read. You can check my progress on various lists here.

Note: I don't post much personal stuff on my live journal, but if you want to read the friend's only entries, just let me know and I will "friend" you.

Other Hobbies

I like pretty much anything to do with water, except swimming laps in a pool and fishing! David and I recently got scuba diving licenses in Florida, and we are hoping to put what we learnt to good use soon. I also like playing tennis(badly) when RSI allows, going hiking, and in general seeing new places. In terms of more domestic things we like to cook, particularly Indian food, and we have a fast growing collection of potted plants and herbs!


Some restaurants with reasonable (Pittsburgh is sadly not the greatest place if you are fussy about restaurant quality) vegetarian dishes in Pittsburgh:

Pages of Friends and Family

If for nothing more than it helps their Pigeon Rank, here is a list of some webpages.

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