Liz Crawford

- Research


I work in the area of Artificial Intelligence. In particular, I am interested in designing effective methods for multiagent interaction, in both team and adversarial environments.

Interests: Negotiation, Game Theory, Experts/Bandit Algorithms, Multiagent Learning and Agent Modeling

Some of the projects I have worked on are listed below.

CMRadar - A Personalized Calendar Management Assistant

The CMRadar project is part of the Radar project, which is funded by DARPA's PAL (Personalized Assistant that Learns) program.

Collaborators: Steve Smith, Manuela Veloso, Jay Modi, Jean Oh and Akiva Leffert.

We have developed prototype CMRadar agents that can communicate with each other to schedule meetings for their users. My research has focused on a number of learning problems within this domain. In particular, we have developed approaches to:

CMRoomRadar - Room Finding Agent

CMRoomRadar is part of the CMRadar project.

Collaborators: Steve Smith, Manuela Veloso, Jay Modi, Jean Oh.

CMRoomRadar is part of the CMRadar project. In many institutions individuals can reserve rooms for functions and meetings. CMRoomRadar agents negotiate with agents/people that have reserved rooms in order to find suitable venues for new meetings that arise over time. CMRoomRadar agents learn, for various situations, which agents are likely to give up their rooms by changing to another room or rescheduling.

CMCast - Robotic Soccer Commentary

Collaborators:Manuela Veloso, Nicholas Armstrong-Crews, Sonia Chernova, Colin McMillen, Maayan Roth and Douglas Vail.

Using Sony's humanoid Qrio robots, we developed a team of two commentators for RoboCup four legged-league soccer. The commentators use what they see through their cameras, information that is broadcast wirelessly by the game referees, and direct human input to decide when to comment on the game and what to say. The project was successfully demonstrated at RoboCup 2006 in Germany (see the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for some media coverage).

I-EMS - Intelligent E-Mail Sorter

Collaborators: Judy Kay, Eric McCreath

The I-EMS project was concerned with developing an intelligent assistant for sorting and classifying email into folders.

Our contributions include:

The Logic Tutor

Collaborators:David Abraham, Leanna Lesta, Agathe Merceron, and Kalina Yacef

The Logic Tutor is an intelligent tutoring system for propositional logic. It provides targeted exercises and feedback to assist students in learning to construct formal proofs. The tool has been incorporated into the Languages and Logic course at the University of Sydney where it has been found to improve learning outcomes.