On going work to build a system which allows users to login to their web accounts using paper-based tokens and a webcam.

Joint work with Bryan Pendlton and Jason Hong.


Undercover is an authenticaiton interface which uses multiple channels (e.g., visual and tactile channels) to prevent shoulder surfing attacks against challenge-response type authentications. Undercover conceals a part of challenge from a computer while many other shoulder-surfing resilient authentication schemes try to conceal resposes from users.

Joint work with Nicolas Christin, Sasamoto Hirokazu and Madoka Hasegawa.

Use Your Illusion

Use your Illusion is a novel mechanism for user authentication that is secure and usable regardless of the size of the device on which it is used. The system relies on the human ability to recognize a degraded version of a previously seen image. More

Joint work with Nicolas Christin, Rachna Dhamija and Adrian Perrig.

Laser Command

Laser Command is a game which I build using a 8x8 matrix LED and an Arduino Mini for a class. In Laser Command, we use a laser pointer as a two dimensional input device in conjunction with the 8x8 matrix LED. More

Mobile Applications

Before starting my Ph.D., I've been developing many mobile applications for PalmOS for fun :)

Selected applications in English
All applications in Japanese