The "Dialogs on Dialogs" reading group meets monthly and on demand on Fridays. The meetings are at 12:00 pm Eastern in Gates-Hillman 7224 (unless announced otherwise). Since 2008 we have used the Dialogs on Dialogs LinkedIn Group for talk announcements and discussions. You'll find all recent announcements there. Archived talks (pre-2007) are listed below. 

 Date Topic Reading material Other stuff
 Past dialogs
 FALL 2007
 11-09-07 Interface challenges in HealthLine: Presenting large amounts of information over the phone to low literate users (Jahanzeb)
 10-12-07 Generating and Evaluating User-Tailored Responses (Matt) 1. Generation and Evaluation of User Tailored Responses in Multimodal Dialogue, M. Walker, S. Whittaker, A. Stent, P. Maloor, J. Moore, M. Johnston, G. Vasireddy, Cognitive Science, 28: 811-840, 2004. [slides]
 10-05-07 Recent papers from ACL, SIGDIAL, Interspeech, ... (Antoine) 1. Analyzing Temporal Transition of Real User's Behaviors in a Spoken Dialogue System, K. Komatani, T. Kawahara, and H.G. Okuno, Interspeech 2007, Antwerp, Belgium
2. Machine Learning for Spoken Dialogue Systems, O. Lemon and O. Pietquin, Interspeech 2007, Antwerp, Belgium
 11-10-06 Speech understanding experiments (Sergio)
 11-10-06 Implicit supervision in spoken dialog systems (Dan)
 11-03-06 Implicit supervision in the meeting domain (Bano)
 10-27-06 Dialog and Q&A (Antoine/Svetlana?)
 10-20-06 Job talk prep (Stef)
 10-13-06 Dialog structure tagging experiment results (Moss)
 10-06-06 Review of Interspeech papers (everyone)
 09-29-06 Touch-base meeting for the new semester
 07-14-06 The Reliability of MDP-generated policies: How much data is enough? (Joel, Dan) [slides]
 06-16-06 Speech Understanding in Dialogue Systems (Sergio Grau Puerto) [slides]
 SPRING 2006
 05-19-06 Exploiting Discourse Structure for Spoken Dialogue Performance Analysis (Mihai Rotaru) 1. Exploiting Discourse Structure for Spoken Dialogue Performance Analysis, Mihai Rotaru and Diane J. Litman (2006) “”. In Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), Sydney, Australia (to appear in July).
 05-12-06 Dialogue System Construction Using the Ravenclaw Framework (Arthur Chan) [slides]
 04-14-06 English-Chinese language learning system (Chih-yu) [slides]
 03-17-06 Belief Updating (Dan - final results) 1. A K-hypotheses + Other Belief Updating Model, D. Bohus and A. Rudnicky, AAAI Workshop on Statistical and Empirical Methods in Spoken Dialog Systems
 03-10-06 TAMIL Market - An Overview (Udhay) 1. Speech Recognition for Illiterate Access to Information and Technology
 03-08-06 Student Simulation and Evaluation (Hua Ai) [slides]
 02-24-06 A Dialogue System for Radio Training (Antonio Roque, visiting from USC)
 02-17-06 Cohesion and learning in a tutorial spoken dialog system (Art) [slides]
 02-10-06 Shaping in Speech Graffiti: results from the initial user study (Stefanie) [slides]
 01-27-06 Evaluation of Dialog Structure Annotation (Moss) 1. Assessing agreement on classification tasks the kappa statistic, J. Carletta, Computational Linguistics, vol. 22, pp. 249-254, 1996.
2. The reliability of a dialogue structure coding scheme, J. Carletta, S. Isard, G. Doherty-Sneddon, A. Isard, J. C. Kowtko, and A. H. Anderson, Computational Linguistics, vol. 23, pp. 13-31, 1997.
3. Empirical evaluation of human performance and agreement in parsing discourse constituents in spoken dialogue, G. Flammia and V. Zue, in the Proceedings of Eurospeech 1995. Madrid, Spain, 1995.
4. Experiments in constructing a corpus of discourse trees, D. Marcu, E. Amorrortu, and M. Romera, in the Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Standards and Tools for Discourse Tagging, College Park, MD, 1999.
 FALL 2005
 11-25-05 From Turn-Driven to Event-Driven Dialog Management (Antoine)
 11-11-05 Show me what you meant: use and effects of mode-prompts (Thomas)
 10-28-05 Continuous understanding in spoken dialog systems (Greg)
 10-07-05 Challenges for Dialog in Human-Robot Interaction (Hartwig Holzapfel) [slides]
 SUMMER 2005
 08-26-05 Effects of User Expertise on Perceptions of a Directive Robot: The Case for Adaptive Dialog (Cristen Torrey) [slides]
 08-19-05 User simulation and modelling (Jost Schatzmann) 1.Quantitative Evaluation of User Simulation Techniques for Spoken Dialogue Systems, Schatzmann, J., Georgila, K., and Young, S., 2005
2.Effects of the User Model on Simulation-based Learning of Dialogue Strategies, Schatzmann, J., Stuttle, M., Weilhammer, K. and Young, S., 2005
 08-12-05 TALK Project and dialog work at Cambridge (Matt Stuttle) [slides]
 08-06-05 Brainstorming for Interspeech system
 07-29-05 Error Handling in HIGGINS/GALATEA - work by Gabriel Skantze et al (Dan Bohus) 1.Higgins - a spoken dialogue system for investigating error handling techniques, Edlund, J., Skantze, G., and Carlson, R., 2004
2.GALATEA: A Discourse Modeller Supporting Concept-level Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems, Skantze, G., 2005
3.The Effects of Prosodic Features on the Interpretation of Clarification Ellipses, Edlund, J., House, D., and Skantze, G., 2005
 06-24-05 Verena Rieser Learning multi-modal clarification strategies [slides]
 06-17-05 Belief updating in spoken dialog systems (Dan) This is work in progress on how to update confidence scores in light of user responses to explicit and implicit confirmations [slides]
 06-03-05 Dialogue management using POMDPs (Jason) 1.Factored Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes for Dialogue Management, Williams, J., Poupart, P. and Young, S. 2005. [slides]
 SPRING 2005
 05-13-05 Let’s Go Public! Taking a Spoken Dialog System into the RealWorld Interspeech2005 paper
 05-06-05 Mapping utterances onto domain actions in non-grammatical ways (Thomas)
 04-01-05 Wizard-of-Oz studies for human-robot interaction (Thomas) Room WeH4623
 03-18-05 "Learning in the Wild" in the Meeting Room Scenario (Bano) [slides]
 03-11-05 Effect of tutorial on user expertise (Stefanie) 1.From Novice to Expert: The Effect of Tutorials on User Expertise with Spoken Dialogue Systems, Kamm, C.A., Litman, D.J. and Walker, M.A. 1998.
2.Tutor Design for Speech-Based Interfaces, Hakulinen, J., Turunen, M., Salonen, E.-P., and Rih, K.-J. 2004.
 03-04-05 Dialogue coding schemes for tutorial systems (Chih-Yu) [slides]
 02-25-05 Back channel communication (Antoine) 1.Talking Back: "Small" Interactional Response Tokens in Everyday Conversation, McCarthy (2003)
2.An Analysis of Turn-Taking and Backchannels Based on Prosodic and Syntactic Features in Japanese Map Task Dialogs, Koiso et al (1998)
3.Prosodic Featurs Which Cue Back-Channel Responses in English and Japanese, Ward and Tsukahara (2000) 4.Effects of Native Language and Sex on Back-Channel Behavior, Feke (2003)
5.Learning Decision Trees to Determine Turn-Taking by Spoken Dialogue Systems, Sato et al (2002)
6.Timing Detection for Realtime Dialog Systems Using Prosodic and Linguistic Information, Takeuchi et al (2004)
Room NSH1505
2. and 3. are not available online.
 02-18-05 Sublime: a personal information management system (Jahanzeb)
 02-04-05 What can anthromorphism do for you? (Cristen) [slides]
 01-28-05 Using Word-level Features to Predict Student Emotions in Tutoring Dialogues (Mihai) 1. " Using Word-level Features to Better Predict Student Emotions during Spoken Tutoring Dialogues", M. Rotaru and D. Litman
 01-21-04 Experimental setup for CAMMIA Evaluation (Jeongwoo)
 FALL 2004
 12-17-04 An Investigation into Recovering from Non-understanding Errors (Dan) [slides]
 12-03-04 Learning Dialog Structure of Task-Oriented Conversations from the Corpus (Moss) [slides]
 11-19-04 Discussion/Brainstorming on what is important to get right (e.g. dialog behavior, choice of system prompts, system tuning) before opening a system to a large public (proposed by Antoine)
 11-05-04 Partial results from a user study on recovering from non-understandings in a task-oriented spoken dialogue system (Dan)
 10-22-04 Review of ICSLP'04 (Thomas)
 09-17-04 Characterizing Task-Oriented Dialog using a Simulated ASR Channel
1. "A Framework for Dialogue Data Collection with a Simulated ASR Channel", M. Stuttle, J. Williams, S. Young
2. "Characterizing Task-Oriented Dialogue using ASR Channel", J. Williams, S. Young
 09-03-04 Flexible Dialog Management for In-vehicle Dialog Systems
[slides], CAMMIA project home page
 SPRING 2004
 03-19-04 Dialog structure annotation (Moss) 1. "HCRC dialogue structure coding manual", Carletta et al.
2. "Coding Dialogs with the DAMSL Annotation Scheme", Core and Allen
3. "Draft of DAMSL: Dialog Act Markup", Allen and Core.
4. "Conversation Acts in Task-Oriented Spoken Dialogue", Traum and Hinkelman
 03-05-04 Utilizing Natural Language Dialogue within video games (Ajay) 1. "Achieving virtual presence with semi-autonomous robot through a multi-reality and speech control interface", Simasarian et al.
2. "Speech Interfaces to Virtual Reality", McGlashan et al.
3. "Voice Morphing System for Impersonating in Karaoke Applications", Cano et al.
4. "Natural Negotiation for Believable Agents", Reilly et al.
5. "Interactive Drama, Art, and Artificial Intelligence", M Mateas, Ph.D. Thesis
 02-20-04 Intelligent help in spoken dialogue systems. (Stefanie) 1. "Adding intelligent help to mixed-initiative spoken dialogue systems", Gorrell et al. (2002)
2. "Targeted help for spoken dialogue systems: intelligent feedback improves naive users' performance", Hockey et al. (2003)
 02-06-04 No Topic; random discussion; planned future topics
 01-23-04 Probabilistic models of human-computer dialogue (Jason/UK) "A Probabilistic Model of Human/Computer Dialogue with Application to a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process", Jason D. William, Ph.D. 1st year report [slides]
 01-19-04 Dan's thesis proposal dry run:
"Error Awareness and Recovery in Task-Oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems"
"Error Awareness and Recovery in Task-Oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems", Dan Bohus, Ph.D. Thesis Proposal [slides]
 FALL 2003
 11-21-03 On the road to the creation of situation-adaptive dialogue managers. (Ajay) 1. "Design of the VICO Spoken Dialogue System: Evaluation of user Expectations by Wizard of Oz Experiments", Geutner et al. (2002)
2. "An Automobile-Integrated System for Assessing and Reacting to Driver Cognitive Load", Pompei et al. (2002)
3. "We are not amused – but how do you know? User States in a multi-modal dialogue system", Batliner et al. (2003)
[slides] (from a former related talk)
 11-07-03 Review of the MITRE Workshop on Dialogue Management (Dan) 1. "COLLAGEN: Applying Collaborative Discourse Theory to Human-Computer Interaction" [COLLAGEN]
2. "GoDiS: An Accomodating Dialogue System"  [GoDiS]
3. "Rapid Prototyping for Spoken Dialogue Systems" [Ariadne]
4. "Policies and Procedures for Spoken Dialogue Systems" [Ariadne]
5. "RavenClaw: Dialog Management Using Hierarchical Task Decomposition and an Expectation Agenda" - [RavenClaw]
 10-24-03 Spoken Dialog and Information Retrieval: Antoine will start the discussion on the subject by presenting some papers and his project for class 11-743 (Advanced IR Seminar and Lab). 1.Cases, scripts and information-seeking strategies: On the design of interactive information retrieval systems., Belkin et al (1995).
2.Vocal Access to a Newspaper Archive: Assessing the Limitations of Current Voice Information Access Technology., Crestani (2002).
3.Speech-Driven Information Retrieval: Using Target IR Collections for Statistical Language Model Adaptation in Speech Recognition., Fujii et al (2002).
Antoine's project page.
 10-10-03 Report on the Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems satellite workshop of Eurospeech 2003 (Stefanie & Dan)
[studies of human handling of ASR errors / Dan]
Proceedings of the workshop (accessible from inside CMU only)
A Study of Human Dialogue Strategies in the Presence of Speech Recognition Errors, Teresa Zollo 
 09-26-03 First meeting this semester [Introductions, setting up the teleconferencing solution, establishing a list of topics]
 SPRING 2003
 05-09-03 Dialog Structure for Task Oriented Conversations (Moss) 1. Dialog Structure for Task-Oriented Conversations, Ananlada (Moss) Chotimongkol
2. HCRC Dialogue Structure Coding Manual, Carletta J, Isard A, Isard S, Kowtko J, Doherty-Sneddon G
3. The Reliability of  Dialog Structure Coding Scheme, Carletta J, Isard A, Isard S, Kowtko J, Doherty-Sneddon G, Anderson A
[1] is Moss's technical report. [2] contains a lot of annotation examples. [3] is not much different from [2], but emphasizes more on the theory
 04-18-03 Let's Go! project & BusLine (Antoine) Let's Go: Improving Spoken Dialog Systems for the Elderly and Non-natives, A. Raux, B. Langner, A.W. Black, M. Eskenazi [slides]
 04-04-03 Dialog Systems for Information Retrieval (Antoine, Dan)  [slides]
 03-21-03 Eric Fossler - "What did you say?": Ambiguity and errors in spoken language systems [Attended Eric Fossler's talk at UPitt]
 03-07-03 NASA Presentations [We went for the on campus NASA presentations on natural language and dialog]
 02-21-03 1. An overview of the open-source dialog system Ariadne (Matthias)
2. Grounding in Spoken Dialog Systems/RavenClaw... (leftovers)
Rapid Prototyping for Spoken Dialogue Systems, M. Denecke [Matthias will present rapid prototyping in the Ariadne system; if time permits,Dan will wrap up the discussion on grounding]
 02-14-03 Dialogs on Dialogs Book [we ended-up brainstorming on the Dialogs on Dialogs book idea]
 01-31-03 Grounding in Spoken Dialog Systems (Dan) 1. "Contributing to Discourse", H.H.Clark, E.F. Schaefer, Cognitive Science 13, pp 259-294 (1989) [available in library; Dan also has a copy]
2. Computational Models of Grounding, D. Traum
3. DeepListener: Harnessing Expected Utility to Guide Clarification Dialog in Spoken Language Systems
4. Grounding Criterion: Toward a Formal Theory of Grounding
5. Uncertainty, Utility, and Misunderstanding: A Decision-Theoretic Perspective on Grounding in Conversational Systems
6. Conversation as Action Under Uncertainty
[Brief overview of human-human grounding theories (Clark, Traum) 1&2; main topic: Horvitz & Paek's work - conversation as action under uncertainty 3,4,5,6][slides]
 01-17-03 First meeting this semester [Touch base, establish list of topics]
 FALL 2002
 11-22-02 Dialogues in Tutoring Systems (Antoine) Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Conversational Dialogues [Antoine will lead the discussion  on the use of dialogue in intelligent tutoring systems] [slides]
 11-08-02 James: A Personal Mobile Universal Speech Interface for Electronic Devices (Tom) James: A Personal Mobile Universal Speech Interface for Electronic Devices [Tom talked about his Master Thesis proposal][slides]
 10-25-02 Problem-spotting in Human-Machine interaction (Dan) 1. Error Detection in Spoken Human-Machine Interaction
2. Problem Spotting in Human-Machine Interaction
3. The Dual of Denial: Two Uses of Discomfirmations in Dialog and Their Prosodic Correlates
4. Analysis of User Behavior under Error Conditions in Spoken Dialog
[(2) is just a shorter version of (1) i think. (4) is the one in ICSLP this year that i mentioned in the email.] [Slides]
 10-11-02 Survey of Dialog Systems and Dialog Management (Matthias) 1. Challenges for Spoken Dialog Systems
2. Conversational interfaces: Advances and Challenges
3. Dialog Management Systems: a Survey and Overview
 10-04-02 First meeting this semester   [Introductions]
 SPRING 2002
 05-01-02 Bilingual parsing and translation (Peter)   [Peter will give a practice talk for his thesis proposal]
Communicator dialog management, the Sequel (Dan, Drew) An Agenda-Based Dialog Management Architecture for spoken language systems [ the paper is on the current DM architecture we are using in communicator. The talk will be on the new architecture, which spawned off this one ][Slides]
 04-10-02 Automated concept acquisition (Moss) 1. Automatic Concept Identification in Goal Oriented Conversations
2. Semi-Automatic Acquisition of Domain-Specific Semantic Structures
3. Metrics for Measuring Domain Independence of Semantic Classes
4. Towards Learning Dialogue Structures from Speech Data and Domain Knowledge: Challenges to Conceptual Clustering using Multiple and Complex Knowledge Source
 03-27-02 VoiceXML, SALT & maybe other XMLish dialog things (Stefanie) Voice XML 2.0 Working Draft
Speech Application Language Tags
 03-19-02 Meeting with Diane Litman Bring your list of questions for Diane :)
 03-13-02 "Separation of Knowledge Sources in the Spoken Dialog System Ariadne" (Matthias)   This was a presentation of Matthias Denecke's thesis work.
 02-27-02 Reinforcement Learning in Dialog Management + Detecting Corrections (Ari) 1. "Optimizing Dialogue Management with Reinforcement learning: Experiments with the NJFun system"
2. "Automatic Optimization of Dialogue Management"
3. "Empirical evaluation of a Reinforcement Learning Spoken Dialogue"
4. "Corrections in Spoken Dialogue Systems"
5. "Generalizing Prosodic Prediction of Speech Recognition Errors"
6. "Predicting user reactions to system errors"
7. "Identifying user corrections automatically in Spoken Dialogue Systems"
This is some of Diane Litman's work. 1,2&3 are pretty similar, and talk about reinforcement learning in DM. 4, 5, 6 & 7 are on error and correction detection. [Slides]
 02-13-02 Learning task structure in the COLLAGEN architecture (Dan) 1. "COLLAGEN: Applying Collaborative Discourse Theory to Human-Computer Interaction" - this is the AI Magazine paper. 
2. "Learning Task Models for Collaborative Discourse"
3. "Learning Hierarchical Task Models by Defining and Refining Examples"
4. "Interactively Defining Examples to be Generalized"
[1 is a top-level view of the architecture, while 2,3 and 4 are focused on the learning aspects. 2,3 & 4 seem to have a lot of overlap] [Slides]