DOT: Data-Oriented Transfer

DOT is a transfer service that handles the heavy lifting of data transfer on behalf of client applications such as HTTP, SMTP, or custom applications. DOT centralizes the functions of data transfer so that innovations in transfer techniques can apply both to newly developed applications and to legacy applications.

As a core transfer mechanism within DOT, we have created Similarity-Enhanced Transfer. SET is a multi-source download system that can retrieve pieces of a target file both from identical sources (e.g., mirrors of the file) as well as similar sources (nonidentical files that share bytes with the target file), thereby outperforming contemporary approaches such as BitTorrent. A key advantage of SET is that it detects such similar and identical sources using a constant number of lookups and inserting a constant number of mappings per object into a global lookup table.

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National Science Foundation logo Measured by Emulab logo DOT is supported by a grant from the Carnegie Mellon CyLab, by Intel Research, and by CAREER award CNS-0546551 to David Andersen from the National Science Foundation.

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