How to access and use DOT

Check out the DOT source code from the subversion repository

Required Software to Build



The test will attempt to copy the file to the same host and verify the sha1 checksums of the original file and the copied file. You should see output like:

... (some stuff here) ...
Yay!  Put succeeded - Hash Time: 0.00, Data Time 0.70, Total Running Time 0.71 
gcp: Done sending all files
 real         0.71
user         0.00
sys          0.00
gcp: gc::dispatch(): client closed connection
SHA1(Makefile)= 959614ac134aed491c81236fcd66b3da531ebbae
SHA1(/tmp/foo)= 959614ac134aed491c81236fcd66b3da531ebbae

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