Installing DOT

Download DOT and sfslite

The current version of DOT builds against a slightly modified version of sfslite. We're in the middle of upgrading DOT to use the latest sfslite (which has slightly different syntax and all of our changes), but for now, you'll be happier using this one:

Install Required Software to Build

Compile sfslite

Compile DOT

Notes for compiling on specific operating systems can be found in the README.


First, start gtcd on the machines you want to use DOT on:

Then try using the gcp program to copy from one machine to another.

GCP arguments look like scp or rsync's. It can copy directories recursively, though this functionality is still under pretty heavy development and the syntax and semantics may change rapidly.

The .conf file tells DOT how to chain plugins together. The simplest test file doesn't use SET; more extensive examples can be found in the test/ directory. One of the best, most stable configurations is the one used in dot-test.rb -- take a peek inside at the configurations specified in there.



Still under construction, but...

  • Does DOT work behind NATs? A: Not well. We wouldn't recommend trying it there yet...
  • Hack DOT

    In order to hack on DOT, you'll probably want to install more build tools:


    DOT is very under-development. If you have problems, you can contact us at dot-pub AT emulab DOT net.


    DOT itself is released under the Eclipse Public License, but from a practical standpoint, it needs to be compiled against sfslite, which is licensed under the GPL. If you'd like a difference license, we're all ears -- our goal is to make DOT as easily usable as possible.

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