After 5 wonderful and busy years at CMU, I have moved to UC Berkeley. Please find my new personal website here if you are not automatically redirected in 5 seconds.

David Fouhey

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Name FAQ: `Foe'-`eee'. It rhymes with snowy or Joey: the key is to forget how it is spelled. It (but not me) is from the County Cork, Ireland.
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Executive summary: I am a postdoctoral fellow (2016-) at UC Berkeley, working with Jitendra Malik and Alyosha Efros. I received a Ph.D. in Robotics (2011-2016) from The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked with Abhinav Gupta and Martial Hebert and was a NSF and then NDSEG fellow.



I work on computer vision and machine learning. I am interested in getting computers to understand the world in terms of: as well as how these two relate to semantics, or a language-based understanding.



R. Girdhar, D. Fouhey, M. Rodriguez, A. Gupta
Learning a Predictable and Generative Vector Representation for Objects
To appear at ECCV 2016 (Spotlight)
[Publication (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
[Project Page]
Factoring Scenes into 3D Structure and Style
D. Fouhey
Doctoral Dissertation
[Dissertation (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
[Defense Slides (PDF)]
D. Fouhey, A. Gupta, A. Zisserman
3D Shape Attributes
In CVPR 2016 (Oral - Watch the presentation on Youtube)
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[Project Page]   [Poster (PDF)]   [Talk (PPTX)]   [Talk (PDF)]  
R. Girdhar, D. Fouhey, K. M. Kitani, A. Gupta, M. Hebert
Cutting through the Clutter: Task-Relevant Features for Image Matching
In WACV 2016.
[Publication (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
D. Fouhey, W. Hussain, A. Gupta, M. Hebert
Single Image 3D Without a Single 3D Image
In ICCV 2015.
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[Poster (PDF)]   [Supplemental (PDF)]   [Bonus Details (PDF)]
X. Wang, D. Fouhey, A. Gupta
Designing Deep Networks for Surface Normal Estimation
In CVPR 2015.
[Publication (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
D. Fouhey, A. Gupta, and M. Hebert
Unfolding an Indoor Origami World
In ECCV 2014 (Oral - Watch the presentation on
[Publication (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
[Project Page]   [Extended Results (PDF)]  
D. Fouhey and C.L. Zitnick
Predicting Object Dynamics in Scenes
In CVPR 2014.
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[Project Page]   [Supplemental (PDF)]
D. Fouhey, V. Delaitre, A. Gupta, A. Efros, I. Laptev, and J. Sivic.
People Watching: Human Actions as a Cue for Single View Geometry.
Accepted in IJCV (extended version of ECCV 2012 paper).
[Preprint (PDF)]   [Final version (via Springer)]
D. Fouhey, A. Gupta, and M. Hebert
Data-Driven 3D Primitives for Single Image Understanding
In ICCV 2013.
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[Project Page]   [Poster (PDF)]  
D. Fouhey, V. Delaitre, A. Gupta, A. Efros, I. Laptev, and J. Sivic.
People Watching: Human Actions as a Cue for Single View Geometry.
In ECCV 2012 (Oral - Watch the presentation on ).
[Publication (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
[Project Page]  
V. Delaitre, D. Fouhey, I. Laptev, J. Sivic, A. Gupta, and A. Efros.
Scene Semantics from Long-term Observation of People.
In ECCV 2012.
[Publication (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
[Project Page]
D. Fouhey, A. Collet, M. Hebert, and S. Srinivasa
Object Recognition Robust to Imperfect Depth Data.
In CDC4CV 2012 in conjunction with ECCV 2012.
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[Supplemental(PDF)]   [Supp. Video 1]   [Supp. Video 2]  
M. Costanza-Robinson, B. Estabrook, and D. Fouhey
Representative elementary volume estimation for porosity, moisture saturation, and air-water interfacial areas in unsaturated porous media: Data quality implications
(Sorry for not posting a pre-print!)
In Water Resources Research, Volume 47, 2011.
[Official Version]   [Bibtex]
D. Fouhey, D. Scharstein, and A. Briggs.
Multiple plane detection in image pairs using J-linkage.
In ICPR 2010.
[Publication (PDF)]   [Bibtex]
Implementation (Python and C) [Code (Zip)]   [Poster (PDF)]  


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