Dr. David A. Eckhardt -- Plan 9

Recently I have been exploring the Plan 9 research operating system. I was asked by a colleague what the attraction is, so here are some of my reasons.

Speaking of Raskin, I recommend his book The Humane Interface. Interestingly, there are several areas of agreement between Plan 9 and what Raskin advocates:

  1. Your computer should be designed not to lose your data (P9: centralized, snapshot-based file system),
  2. All text should be executable, unlike the situation in modern GUIs, where menu items are the only text which can be executed (P9: acme),
  3. Functionality should be added to the system not via monolithic applications but by plug-ins to a core application, the editor (P9: acme),
  4. Avoidance of icons.

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