Graduate Courses that I took at CMU

I completed the following 14 Ph. D. level (7xx) courses at CMU as a Ph. D. student.
    School of Computer Science/Language Technologies Institute (LTI) Courses
  • 11-761 Language and Statistics
  • 11-791 Software Engineering for IT
  • 11-751 Speech Recognition
  • 11-756 Design and Implementation of Automatic Speech Recognition Systems
  • 11-754 Dialog Systems Laboratory
  • 11-721 Grammars and Lexicons
  • 11-752 Phonetics, Prosody, Perception, Synthesis
  • School of Computer Science/Machine Learning Department (MLD) Courses
  • 10-705(36-705) Intermediate Statistics
  • 10-701 Machine Learning
  • Eelectric and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department Courses
  • 18-794 Pattern Recognition Theory
  • 18-752 Estimation Detection, Identification
  • 18-792 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • 18-751 Applied Stochastic Process
  • 18-791 Digital Signal Processing

Course that I TAed at CMU

  • 18-792 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • 15-211 Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms

About Me

Yeah, it´s me! Chanwoo Kim

chanwcom at gmail dot com

Pittsburgh, PA

Latest News

  • I got the bronze award in the 2011 17th Samsung Humantech thesis after getting the honor prize in the 2010 16th Samsung Humantech thesis.
  • I graduated from CMU and got the Ph. D. degree in Dec. 16th, 2010
  • At ICASSP 2011, one paper was accepted as the first author, and the other was accepted as the second author
  • I did my Ph. D. defense Sept. 20th ,2010
  • One more US patent (Patent No. 7,761,294) is issued July 20th ,2010
  • Two INTERSPEECH 2010 papers were accepted. July 2nd, 2010.
  • This webpage was re-created after I deleted the previous webboard and wiki years ago due to the unsolicited usage of the board by bots July, 2010.