Hello, My name is Chanwoo Kim and I am currently a senior software engineer at Google Speech. Please refer to my profile at Google Research Page. I obtained my Ph. D. in Dec. 2010. I was a Ph. D. student in the Langauge Technologies Institue, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. I'm a member of the Robust Speech Recognition Group, which is a part of CMU Speech. My advisor is Professor Richard M. Stern.


Chanwoo Kim recevied his Ph. D. degree from Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science, at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his B.S and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University in 1998 and 2001, respectively. Chanwoo Kim's doctoral research is focused on enhancing the robustness of automatic speech recognition systems in noisy environments. He has developed a number of different algorithms for single-microphone applications, dual-microphone applications, and multiple-microphone applications. His algorithms have been used in various projects for real-world applications.

Between May 2003 and August 2005, Chanwoo Kim was with LG Electronics as a senior research engineer. At LG he primarily worked on embedded signal processing and protocol stacks for multimedia systems. Prior to his work at LG, he worked for EdumediaTek and SK Teletech as a researcher.

Chanwoo Kim is the first author of more than 20 peer-reviewed international journal or conference papers, and the first author of more than 15 issued patents. Chanwoo Kim was awarded the Bronze prize at the 17-th Samsung Humantech Thesis and the Honor award at the 16-th Samsung Humantech Thesis.


  • Google spot bonus, Acoustic modeling for Google Home, 2016
  • Bronze award, 17th Samsung Humantech Thesis, Feb. 23rd, 2011.
  • Honor award, 16th Samsung Humantech Thesis, Feb. 24th, 2010
  • Research Fellowship for 5 years (Feb. 2005 - Aug. 2010), Carnegie Mellon University, 2005
  • Fellowship for electric power research, Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, 2005
  • Six sigma black belt, LG Electronics, 2004
  • Graduate cum laude with a bachelor's degree, Seoul National University, Feb. 26th, 1998


You can find my CV, here (in the PDF format).



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About Me

Yeah, it´s me! Chanwoo Kim

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Pittsburgh, PA

Latest News

  • I got the bronze award in the 2011 17th Samsung Humantech thesis after getting the honor prize in the 2010 16th Samsung Humantech thesis.
  • I graduated from CMU and got the Ph. D. degree in Dec. 16th, 2010
  • At ICASSP 2011, one paper was accepted as the first author, and the other was accepted as the second author
  • I did my Ph. D. defense Sept. 20th ,2010
  • One more US patent (Patent No. 7,761,294) is issued July 20th ,2010
  • Two INTERSPEECH 2010 papers were accepted. July 2nd, 2010.
  • This webpage was re-created after I deleted the previous webboard and wiki years ago due to the unsolicited usage of the board by bots July, 2010.