People and Places

Jamie's picture
Jamie Callan
GHC 5419
Jamie does a little bit of everything.
Jill's picture
Jill Lentz
Administrative Coordinator
GHC 6509
Jill handles administrative tasks and ClueWeb dataset licenses.
Bhavana's picture
Bhavana Dalvi Mishra
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 5509
Bhavana works on exploratory learning. She is co-advised with William Cohen.
Yubin's picture
Yubin Kim
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 6605
Yubin works on distributed search.
Poorna's picture
Poorna Omprakash
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 5411
Poorna develops text analytics software for analyzing social media.
Shriphani's picture
Shriphani Palakodety
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 6609
Shriphani works on ephemeral and archival information networks.
Saloni's picture
Saloni Potdar
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 5411
Saloni develops text analytics software for analyzing social media.
Chenyan's picture
Chenyan Xiong
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 5412
Chenyan works on using Freebase for search and other IR tasks.
Reyyan's picture
Reyyan Yeniterzi
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 5503
Reyyan works on analyzing expertise in social media.
Guoqing's picture
Guoqing Zheng
Graduate Research Assistant
GHC 5412
Guoqing works on retrieval models.


Former Students

Yi's picture
Yi Zhang
Ph.D. 2005.
Associate Professor
Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
Luo's picture
Luo Si
Ph.D. 2006.
Associate Professor
Purdue University
Puck's picture
Pucktada Treeratpituk
M.S. 2006
Ph.D. Student,
Penn State.
Jie's picture
Jie Lu
Ph.D. 2007.
Research Staff Member,
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center.
Kevyn's picture
Kevyn Collins-Thompson
Ph.D. 2008.
Associate Professor,
Univ. of Michigan
Yangbo's picture
Yangbo Zhu
M.S. 2008.
Software Engineer,
Paul's picture
Paul Ogilvie
Ph.D. 2010
Senior Software Engineer,
Philgoo's picture
Philgoo Han
M.S. 2011
Software Engineer
Jaime's picture
Jaime Arguello
Ph.D. 2011
Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jaime's picture
Grace Hui Yang
Ph.D. 2011
Assistant Professor
Georgetown University
Le's picture
Le Zhao
Ph.D. 2012
Software Engineer
Anagha's picture
Anagha Kulkarni
Ph.D. 2013
Assistant Professor
San Francisco State University
Juan's picture
Juan Caicedo Carvajal
MS 2013


Other Collaborators

Jamie collaborates with William Cohen on the Worldly Knowledge project (part of Read the Web).

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