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Jamie Callan

Language Technologies Institute (School of Computer Science)

Office: 5419 Gates Hillman Complex
Phone: +1 412-268-4525
Fax:     +1 412-268-6298
Email: callan cs.cmu.edu
                 Mailing Address:
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Gates Hillman Complex 5407, LTI
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

My Research Group

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Research Projects

Search Engine Architectures
    * The Lemur Project
    * Neural Search Engine Architectures

Papers & Virtual Appendices
Ph.D. Dissertations
Edited Volumes
Workshop Proceedings
    (e.g., ClueWeb09, ClueWeb12, ClueWeb22)

Google Scholar profile
Semantic Scholar profile

11-442 / 11-642 / 11-742: Search Engines,
    (Fall, Spring)
11-743: Self-Paced IR Lab,
    (upon request)

Independent study or IR lab projects

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Updated on February 02, 2024