Research Projects

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Projects @ CMU

Granny Home Activity Monitor Simulator - 05-344 Applied Machine Learning


Water Gonna Do? - 51-711 Graduate Design Studio 1


Digital Stress Bell - 05-833 Applied Gadgets, Sensors and Activity Recognition in HCI


Projects @ Cornell

Innkeepe - COMS 501 Software Engineering (Spring 2006)

I led a team of 6 students to develop a Property Management System for Small Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. I was also heavily involved in the back-end design, implementation, testing, and documentation.

Cell-u-lite - COMS 211 Computers and Programming

Spreadsheet program I did in my 1st semester (Fall 2003). Coding it was fun since I drew a lot of ideas from ShapeShifter to add extra features, but that took a lot of time.

Cornell Society of Physics Students

In 2004, I was asked by the president to join the Cornell Society of Physics Students as their webmaster. I built the then version of the website.

Personal Projects

Pigsonomy (Taxonomy of Pigs)

Started in December 2006, my first foray into PHP, the Pigsonomy showcases my plush pig collection of over a hundred items. Their details are stored in a database and searchable through a user-friendly interface, supporting tags, like in Youtube and Flickr. The site would also be an engine for me to analyse my collection pattern by exposing attributes that can be subsequently analysed.

Eventually, more analytical features would be added, such as graphical displays of the statistics regarding my collection, a visual filter search system using the paradigm of lens filters, and a phylogeny ('evolutionary tree') of the pigs based on data clustering processing of their physical characteristics.

Initially, the site would just display my collection, and allow visitors to rate each pig and leave comments, but there may be future plans to develop it into a community-driven site, where visitors can also add their collections and recommend new site features.


My pet project for about 2 years during the army, after conceiving an idea ot develop it on May 1, 2001. It is a graphing program, written in Java, which has a main feature of allowing users to enter equations with parameters which can be adjusted to see how the graph would change. ShapeShifter is open sourced under the GPL.

Screenshots are that of version 0.8


Developed in Winter 2003, this is a personal website and a showcase of XML/XSLT, XHTML/CSS.

Developed in 2002, this website was developed to publicize ShapeShifter using the front of a software organization. It was also a means for me to experiment with J2EE server-side programming.

It used to be hosted at the J2EE-based server, but that service is now down. I have built a PHP port of the website for archival purpose.

In 2007, I developed the website for my Singapore church, Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship, and relocated it to The website is based on the Wordpress blog engine to allow the elders to more easily update it with news and events.

Projects for National Junior College

NJC Science Webpage Generator

A program I wrote for the National Junior College Science Department (but unfortunately not used, in the end), meant to allow easy updating of a webpage by just filling out fields in the program and generating the webpage. It writes the content to XML files and then uses XSLT to create the XHTML file.

Screenshots are that of version 0.2.0


NJC Physics Website

During the December holidays of 1999, I helped out the Physics department at National Junior College by building their webpage. It was one of my early efforts at webpaging. The prototype of the, as it once was, site can be found here.

JC1 Physics Project: Laser Cooling & Atom Trapping

In 1999, for my JC1 project, I did a physics one under the Hewlett Packard Telementorship Programme. I led a group of three students to learn about laser cooling, atom trapping, and related applications. We produced a report and presentation, and built a website. This was my first experience with webpaging and it seeded my interest in programming. The website featured a simply-written version, and an interactive version, though the latter is incomplete. Our project also achieved the fourth position for the school Project Fair.

99S08 Class Website

As class representative to 99S08, and an amateur web developer enthusiast, I tried my hand at creating the class website. Two versions were created during my fascination with textured backgrounds and shaped buttons.

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