I no longer update this. Dont think anybody would care :P

Summer 2004 Interned at Microsoft Research, Redmond, again! I worked with Venkat Padmanabhan, Cormac Herley and Phil Chou on the study of scalable file distribution (content-delivery) systems.
Spring 2004
Mon 1200-1320 [Monday Seminar]
Tue 1430-1530 [Meeting with Srini], 1530-1700 [NetTalk seminar]
Thu 1200-1300 [SDI/LCS Seminar]
Fall 2003
Mon 1200-1320 [Monday Seminar]
Tue 1030-1150 [Machine Learning (15-781)], 1530-1630 [Meeting with Srini]
Thu 1030-1150 [Machine Learning (15-781)], 1200-1300 [SDI/LCS Seminar]
Fri 1200-1330 [Group Meeting]
Summer 2003 Interned at Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA! I worked with Venkat Padmanabhan and Helen Wang on developing network and system support for "spectating" in online games. The main challenge in such a system is supporting a large and very dynamic population of users or "spectators".

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