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Pre-processing of TeX files for camera-ready submissions
This script, takes the main.tex file and recursively pre-processes \input, \include, \includeonly and \bibliography commands, and produces a single .tex file containing all the actual text in your paper.
Gmail macros script
This greasemonkey script is a slight modification ('z' does "delete forever") of the original kick-ass version found here. All credits go to these guys, of course.
Hack list
Things I am doing or would like to do sometime soon...
Grab libasync, version 0.8pre from here. This version is produced from the SFS CVS repository on Apr 4, 18:25:03 EDT. The parent directory contains patches to the appropriate files in the SFS CVS distribution -- these patches might be useful to create future libasync distributions as the SFS repository keeps on getting updated.

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