To demonstrate Colyseus, we have also setup a live system running a distributed version of Quake II on a small number of machines in our local network. This is obviously not the target deployment environment for Colyseus, but it demonstrates that the system "works" (we hope, at least :) (The servers may periodically be offline when we test upgrades.)


You can connect to any one of the online servers with a vanilla Quake II client to join the on going game. A Quake II demo client is also available. The client should automatically download the map (provided here as well) after connecting to the server.

Note: to connect to server x.x.x.x:

Note: The names of the bots are of the form: server_num:port_id|Bot_{local_botid}


Colyseus Software

Colyseus is fully implemented and runs actual games. However, it is still alpha quality, "research" software written mostly by a team of two programmers/researchers/graduate students. Below you will find a snapshot of our software with included instructions on how to run a small demo. However, we can not at this time provide much support for developers seeking to write a game on our software and/or actively deploy a Colyseus game in the wild. In addition, our software currently only compiles and runs on Linux x86. Nonetheless, we appreciate any feedback you have and eventually hope to provide a deployable release.

Most recent release (includes Mercury, Colyeus, Quake II, and Quake III):

Older releases:

Quake II Files

These files are for playing the live demo described above.

* The demo includes the Quake II client (the Windows and Linux versions from Id Software, and the Mac OS X version from Fruits Of Dojo), the data files from the Quake II demo, and our custom map.
** We know our map sucks. If you would like to design a better map to handle a couple hundred players, we would love to use it.


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