Ankur Parikh

News: I'm graduating this summer(!) and am interested in job opportunities in both academia and industry: [CV] [Research Statement] [Teaching Statement]

News: Our paper, "Language Modeling with Power Low Rank Ensembles" received the Best Paper Runner Up Award at EMNLP 2014! Code available here.

Hi, I'm a PhD student in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon where I'm advised by Prof. Eric Xing and am a member of the SAILING Lab (since 2009). I am very thankful to be supported by an NSF Graduate Fellowship. Before that, I was an undergraduate in Computer Science and Applied Math at Princeton, and worked with Prof. Rob Schapire.

My main research interests are in machine learning (particularly spectral/kernel methods for probabilistic graphical models), natural language processing, and computational biology. I'm equally passionate about both theoretical and applied problems. I recently co-organized Spectral Learning Workshops at NIPS 2012 and ICML 2013, and a workshop on Modern ML+NLP at NIPS 2014.

I have also been fortunate to have the opportunity to spend two summers at Microsoft Research working on semantic parsing for BioNLP with Hoifung Poon and Kristina Toutanova (in 2013) and temporal modeling with Asela Gunawardana and Chris Meek (in 2011).

If you are interested in learning about spectral / kernel methods for graphical models, I have given a few tutorials/lectures on these topics and the slides can be found here.

See the tabs above for more information about my research and teaching.