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 e-Supply Chain Management Lab, CMU

  •  Adaptive Supply Chain Trading and Negotiation:

    • We are developing and evaluating automated and semi-automated negotiation techniques aimed at empowering enterprises to more effectively evaluate large numbers of trading options. This includes exploring different market mechanisms (e.g. different negotiation protocols, different contractual arrangements) in different supply chain environments (e.g. different levels of competition and uncertainty).

  • Web Service Technologies for Secure Supply Chain Collaboration:

    • This includes the development of semantic web service architectures and decentralized trust management technologies for virtual enterprise collaboration.


 Mobile Commerce Lab, CMU

  • User Controllable Security and Privacy:

    • The objective of this project is to develop new interfaces that combine user-centered design principles with dialog, explanation and learning technologies to assist users in specifying and refining policies. This involves developing policy authoring tools for a growing collection of pervasive computing applications and evaluating the effectiveness of these tools with users in longitudinal studies.


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