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Carlos Josť Pereira de Lucena
Object-Oriented Design, Frameworks and Design Patterns, E-Commerce, Web Engineering, Software Agents, Informatics and Education, Formal Methods
Alessandro Garcia
Exception Handling, Software Fault Tolerance, Multi-Agent Systems, Software Architecture, Aspect-Oriented Development, Computational Reflection, Design Patterns
Peter Stone
Trading Agents, Machine Learning
Michael Wellman
Trading Agents, Market Games
Amy Greenwald
Learning in Games, Agent Economics
Joakim Eriksson
Trading Agent Benchmarking, Trading Agent Development
Norman Sadeh
Agent Based Supply Chain, Trading Agent Development

Related Projects

SoC+Agents Separation of Concerns and Multi-Agent Systems
LSD Laboratory of Distributed Systems
TAC Trading Agent Competition
AulaNet A Distance Education Tool


Research Group and Institutions

TecComm Group - Frameworks for Eletronic Commerce PUC-Rio, Brazil
TSpaces IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
Computer Systems Group University of Waterloo, Canada
Software Agent Group - MIT Media Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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