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Talks - 97

Informal talks this semester will to be held every Wednesday at 2pm in Wean 7220. All welcome. Contact josullvn@cs.cmu.edu to be added to the mailing list. Abstracts will be put up a week before the talk. If you are interesting in speaking, let me know. I'll be only too eager to fit you in.
  • Jan 22nd: Joseph O'Sullivan - Transfer of Learned Knowledge in Life-Long Learning Agents
  • Jan 29th: Instead of normal meeting, go to Peter Stone's thesis proposal at 3pm in weh5409 - Layered Learning in Multiagent Systems
  • Feb 5th: Deferred
  • Feb 12th: Frank Dellaert - Experiments with Kalman Filters for Navigating with Sonar.
  • Feb 19th: Daniel Nikovski - Visual memory-based learning for navigation.
  • Feb 26th: Karen Haigh - Learning Symbolic Knowledge from Execution
  • Mar 5th: Stefan Waldherr - Gesture Recognition on a Mobile Robot
  • Mar 12th: Sven Koenig & Yuri Smirnov - Sensor-Based Planning with the Freespace Assumption.
  • Mar 19th->April 2: No meetings
  • April 9th: Karen Haigh - Report From Brazil
  • April 16: No meeting.
  • April 23th: Kwun Han - Leslie Kaelbling's "Building Intelligent Robots" clas
  • April 30th: Greg Whelan - Tools for TCA
  • May 7: TBA
  • --- end of semester ---
  • Past Talks

  • Jan 17th 96: Shyjan Mahamud. Nonholonomic Path Planning.
  • Feb 15th 96: Gary Pelton. Proposal Dry Run.
  • Mar 28th 96: Rich Goodwin. Efficient Meta-Level Control for Decision-Theoretic Planners.

  • Jan 25rd 95: Henry Schneiderman. Dead reckoning error compensation for the Xavier robot.
  • Feb 8th 95: All. Review of Research on Xavier.
  • Feb 22th 95: All. Futher review of Research on Xavier.
  • Mar 8th 95: Reid Simmons. Layering Learning on top of the Task Control Architecture
  • Mar 22th 95: Sebastian Thrun.
  • Apr 12th 95: Reid Simmons. Probabilistic Navigation
  • May 3rd 95: Joseph O'Sullivan. Getting Xavier to use Self Acquired Knowledge.
  • May 24th 95: Soshi Iba. Xavier rides the elevators.
  • Jun 14th 95: Sven Koenig. Passive Model Learning under Positional Uncertainty.

  • August 31th 94: Gary Pelton.
  • Sept 14th 94: Richard Goodwin. The 5 W's of planning
  • Sept 28th 94: Jim Blythe. Untitled
  • Oct 11th, 3:30, 5409: Reid Simmons. The AAAI Robot Competition. (This is a relevant AI Seminar).
  • Oct 12th 94: Joseph O'Sullivan. Creating a Stable Robot Agent as a Tool for Research.
  • Oct 26th 94: Karen Haigh. Route Planning and Learning From Execution.
  • Nov 9rd 94: Reid Simmons. Self Reliant Robots.
  • Nov 23rd 94: Doug Baker. Using Gateways to Build a Route Map.
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