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Xavier's Scrapbook

It talks! (.au files of Xavier in action)

  • Welcome. 44 K
  • The movie star. 24 K
  • Most common local phrase 1. 17 K
  • Most common local phrase 2. 22 K
  • A little victory ditty. 46 K
  • Bye. 23 K
  • Scrapbook

  • A recent press release is available.
  • Transcript of an interview on the Discovery Channel online.
  • Xavier, more Xavier, and even more Xavier
  • Xavier at AAAI `93.
  • Xavier picking up boxes.
  • Hero (Xavier's predecessor).
  • Xavier's roommates.
  • Home sweet Home - the Learning Robot Laboratory.
  • Home Movies (mpeg format and all really need a color screen.)

  • Xavier's sonars mapping a corridor. The green line traces out the path taken, the white dots the sonar reading. The path is not corrected for dead reckoning error.
  • Xavier's camera view.
  • Our simulation enviroment on the same corridor (compressed).
  • Elevator riding.
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