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  • My research summary contains generic info and a bibliography.
  • Learning Robots are what my research revolves around.
  • Control one of these robots, Xavier, autonomously, using a web interface I hacked up yonks ago.

  • Non-Work

  • wavelan roaming pcmcia patch for Linux. Improves bandwidth performance at CMU by 964% sending (I'm serious), 13% receiving. Newsflash: Here is an updated version for pcmcia-cs-3.0.8, and another version from MIT (note: >3.0.14 series may have these patches now, and they appear to be in the linux kernel >2.3.37).
  • Clubbing in Pittsburgh (horribly ancient, from 1996ish, now of only historical interest.)
  • Here is the web version of my talk at ic99
  • Hot off the press, my appearance in Wonderboys.
  • Some personal pics and stuff for friends -- graphic intensive.

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