15-213: Intro to Computer Systems: Schedule for Fall 2015

Notes to CS:APP3e instructors:

  • The lecture notes have been completely updated for CS:APP3e. They use style guidelines (pptx) originally developed by Markus Pueschel for CS:APP2e.
  • The I/O lecture is intentionally out of sequence with the textbook because of a lab dependency.
  • You can download tarballs of the complete set of lectures and associated code files. But please note that during Fall 2015, we'll likely be tweaking things a bit as the semester progresses.
  • If you have any problems or questions about this page, please contact us
Videotaped lectures and recitations.

Date Lecture/Recitation Lec   Reading   Labs

Mon Aug 31 No Recitation
Tue Sep 1 Overview (pdf, pptx) reb/droh 1
Thu Sep 3 Bits, Bytes, and Ints: Part 1 (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 2.1 L1 (datalab) out (handout files, writeup)

Mon Sep 7 No Recitation: Labor Day
Tue Sep 8 Bits, Bytes, and Ints: Part 2 (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 2.2-2.3
Thu Sep 10 Floating Point (pdf, pptx) droh 2.4

Mon Sep 14 Recitation 3: Datalab and Data Representations (pdf, pptx) Linux Boot Camp (pdf, pptx )
Tue Sep 15 Machine Prog: Basics (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 3.1-3.5
Thu Sep 17 Machine Prog: Control (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 3.6 L1 due 11:59pm, L2 (bomblab) out

Mon Sep 21 Recitation 4: Bomb Lab ( pdf, pptx )
Tue Sep 22 Machine Prog: Procedures (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 3.7
Thu Sep 24 Machine Prog: Data (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 3.8-3.9

Mon Sep 28 Recitation 5: Attack Lab and Stacks ( pdf, pptx )
Tue Sep 29 Machine Prog: Advanced (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 3.10 L2 due 11:59pm, L3 (attacklab) out
Thu Oct 1 Code Optimization (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 5

Mon Oct 5 Recitation 6: C Review ( pdf, pptx ) C Boot Camp ( pdf, pptx, tar )
Tue Oct 6 The Memory Hierarchy (pdf, pptx) droh 6.1-6.3
Thu Oct 8 Cache Memories (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 6.4-6.7 L3 due 11:59pm, L4 (cachelab) out

Mon Oct 12 Recitation 7: Cache Lab and Blocking ( pdf, pptx )
Tue Oct 13 Linking (pdf, pptx, code, tar ) droh 7
Thu Oct 15 ECF: Exceptions & Processes (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 8.1-8.4 L4 due 11:59pm

Mon Oct 19 Recitation 8: Exam Review ( pdf, pptx )
Thu Oct 20 ECF: Signals (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 8.5-8.8 Pgh Campus: Online Midterm exam Tue Oct 20 - Fri Oct 23, SV Campus: Tue Oct 20
Thu Oct 22 System Level I/O ( pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 10 L5 (tshlab) out

Mon Oct 26 Recitation 9: Shell Lab, Processes, and Signals, and I/O ( pdf pptx )
Tue Oct 27 Virtual Memory: Concepts (pdf, pptx) droh 9.1-9.6
Thu Oct 29 Virtual Memory: Systems (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 9.7-9.8

Mon Nov 2 Recitation 10: Virtual Memory ( pdf, pptx )
Tue Nov 3 Storage Allocation: Basic (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 9.9 L5 due 11:59pm, L6 (malloclab) out
Thu Nov 5 Storage Allocation: Advanced (pdf, pptx, code ) droh 9.10-9.13

Mon Nov 9 Recitation 11: Malloc Lab ( pdf, pptx )
Tue Nov 10 Network Programming: Part 1 (pdf, pptx) reb 11.1-11.4
Thu Nov 12 Network Programming: Part 2 (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 11.5-11.6

Mon Nov 16 Recitation 12: Debugging Malloc Lab ( pdf, pptx, )
Tue Nov 17 Concurrent Programming (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 12.1-12.3
Thu Nov 19 Synchronization: Basic (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 12.4, 12.5.1-3 L6 Due 11:59pm, L7 (proxylab) out

Mon Nov 23 Recitation 13: Proxy Lab ( pdf, pptx )
Tue Nov 24 Synchronization: Advanced (pdf, pptx, code, tar) droh 12.5.4-5, 12.7
Thu Nov 26 No class: Thanksgiving

Mon Nov 30 Recitation 14: Synchronization ( pdf, pptx )
Tue Dec 1 Thread-Level Parallelism (pdf, pptx, code, tar) reb 12.6
Thu Dec 3 The Future of Computing reb

Mon Dec 7 Recitation 15: Exam review
Tue Dec 8 No class L7 due 11:59pm
Thu Dec 10 No class

Mon Dec 14-17 Final Exam Pgh campus: Online final exam Mon Dec 14-Thu Dec 17. SV campus: Tue. Dec. 15