15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS): Exams

  • There are two online exams: a midterm and a final.
  • All exams are closed book, closed notes.
  • However, you may bring one (1) double-sided 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of notes, which can be handwritten or typed, to the midterm, and you may bring two (2) double-sided 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of notes to the final.
  • Your note sheet may not contain any pre-worked problems.
  • You may also bring blank scratch paper, but you are not permitted to use a calculator or any other electronic aid.
  • There will be questions similar to previous exams, questions that will test your understanding of the lab material, and new types of questions.

Check back later for more information.

Final Exam

Note that there will be several opportunities to take the final exam (once per person!). Most students will either take the final at the Friday at the end of classes in the summer semester or during MS orientation week (typically Thursday or Friday). For students for whom these two times do not work, an emergency backup exam is offered during the first week of classes (though this is not without complications for registration).