15-150: Functional Programming, Spring 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to attend a lab I'm not registered for, okay?

I'm afraid not. We used to be able to permit this, but since COVID the university has become strict about having only registered students in the classroom.

Can you please publish the video of class?

We do not make the class videos generally available. We think it is important to attend class in-person and on-schedule. Class recordings are made just for students who are unable to attend for some unavoidable reason such as illness.

If you think you have such a reason, you should contact us.

I'm sick. Can I have an extension on the assignment?

Ordinary minor illnesses should be handled through the grace day mechanism. More serious illnesses may require more serious accommodation, but in such cases we do require some documentation.

By university policy, students are not required to provide medical documentation directly to faculty; instead, students are supposed to contact their college liaison, who will then contact us with what we need to know. However, some students prefer just to give us their paperwork from health services, and if you wish to go that route, it is acceptable to us.

Contact information for college liaisons can be found here: https://www.cmu.edu/student-affairs/resources/index.html#liaisons

I'm sick. Can I reschedule my exam?

We will accommodate you for serious illnesses. Please see the previous question for our policy on documentation.

I am supposed to have accommodations for a disability. How is that going to work?

If your accommodation is extra time on exams or distraction-reduced testing, we prefer that you take your exams through the Disability Resources office. Keep in mind that they do get busy, so it is essential that you schedule your exams with them well in advance (preferably weeks).

For any other accommodation, you must communicate with us directly.

I might have been exposed to COVID. Should I stay home from class or lab?

You can find the university's policy on COVID exposure here: https://www.cmu.edu/coronavirus/health-and-wellness/index.html

I think I have an exam conflict. Can I reschedule my exam?

First, be sure that you have a conflict according to the university's guidelines: https://www.cmu.edu/policies/student-and-student-life/examination-policies.html

Briefly, an exam conflict is either (1) two exams at the same time, or (2a) three midterm exams on the same day, or (2b) three final exams that start within a 25-hour period.

If you have an exam conflict, the university has guidelines about how to resolve it. To work that out, we will need to know when the conflicting exams are, and what classes they are for. To save time, please supply that information when you first contact us about the conflict.

I am on the waitlist; can I do the work?

I'm sorry, we are not permitted to allow that. If you get admitted to the class, we will afford you the opportunity to catch up.

I am on the waitlist; can you get me into the class?

We do not manage the waitlist, so no.

Are functions really values?


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