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Theory Lunch

Theory Lunch is an informal seminar run by Algorithms and Complexity Theory Group on Wednesdays, noon till 1pm, in NSH 1507 (unless otherwise specified). It is open to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students interested in theoretical aspects of Computer Science.

The meetings have various forms: talks on recently completed results, joint reading of an interesting paper, presentations of current work in progress and exciting open problems, etc.

Fall 2007 Schedule

(Wednesdays noon-1:00pm, NSH 1507)

September 12, Wednesday   Meet and Greet the Theory Community  
September 19, Wednesday Dan Golovin Stochastic Packing-Market Planning  
Septmeber 26, Wednesday Jeremiah Blocki A Complete Classification of the Computational Complexity of K-Anonymity  
October 3, Wednesday Amin Coja-Oghlan The solution space geometry of random constraint satisfaction problems  
October 10, Wednesday Anupam Gupta Stochastic Analysis of Online Steiner Tree  
October 17, Wednesday Mike Dinitz Compact Routing with Slack  
October 24, Wednesday Maverick Woo Having Fun with Inverse Ackermann Functions  
October 31, Wednesday Anupam Datta Games and the Impossibility of Realizable Ideal Functionality [PPT]
November 7, Wednesday Virginia Vassilevska Nondecreasing Paths  
November 14, Wednesday Manfred Warmuth Online Algorithms for Principal Component Analysis  
November 21, Wednesday No Theory Lunch Thanksgiving  
November 28, Wednesday Kanat Tangwongsan L_p-Norm Set Cover  
December 5, Wednesday Shuchi Chawla Bertrand Competition in Networks  
December 12, Wednesday We need a speaker for this week! TBA

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